Fresh from winning the Les Enfants terribles "Greenwich theatre partnership award", Incognito Theatre Company returns to Pleasance Islington for a second time with their explosive physical energy to explore a tale of the frustrated and disenfranchised youth of 1920’s London in Tobacco Road.

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People fear us, we took the hand we were dealt and did something... we carved out a place for ourselves in this world.

what is tobacco road about?

We follow a gang of five disillusioned but resourceful young men and women as they attempt grind out a place in the murky underworld of a brutal and industrial city. Their naive and disorientated desire to belong collides with the sheer brute nature of a world in which men and women do whatever they can to get by. Their individual truths, struggles and insecurities are laid bare throughout as each gang member attempts to come to terms with vicious demons that plague their being.

what the press say


theatre weekly


“this piece of physical theatre tells a more important story than perhaps any of us dare to imagine."


british theatre guide


“told with rawness and a lot of pace, this is an absorbing and engaging performance, visceral at times yet controlled and polished, never once losing it’s way or going over the top.”

The mumble

***** "escapism or something more insightful-it’s up to you"


performance details

13th February - 17th February 2019 18:15pm.

Venue: the network theatre as part of the vault festival.

Box Office: 0208 050 9241

Tickets priced from £15.

Suitable for ages 12 and above.