We can only apologise for the amount of website based radio silence. As I'm sure you can understand, Edinburgh is quite a hectic time and the bubble like atmosphere makes the real world seem a distant objective.

This year at the Edinburgh Festival, in our boiling hot (and lovely) 94 seater venue, The Upstairs in the Pleasance Courtyard, Tobacco Road sold out 21 of 26 shows. We were incredibly pleased with how well the show went down both with critics and audience members alike. It was quite a vulnerable experience taking up a show that we had written ourselves however once we relaxed into the performances we found the story that we had worked so hard to create really came to life.

Following the festival of course we performed five nights at The Greenwich Theatre as part of our Greenwich Partnership award win. Again it was another incredibly rewarding experience; with more space to perform in, Tobacco Road could be enjoyed as much as a spectacle as an intimate piece story telling that we had worked on throughout Edinburgh. We had two audiences of 200+ and we cannot thank the whole Greenwich Team enough for taking care of us during our short stay.

Next on the agenda is a week long run at the new Pleasance (London) venue in November. We are really looking forward to keep working on the show and build on what we have already. Tickets are on sale so grab them whilst you still can! Let us once again take this time to thank everyone at The Pleasance and Greenwich for giving us such a fantastic last two months.

We will keep everyone posted with any further developments.



Angus Castle-Doughty