Borne of the staggering young talent of Young Pleasance Theatre Company in Islington, Incognito Theatre Company were one of the first companies to be nurtured by the Pleasance Theatre Trust as part of their "Pleasance Futures" initiative. Incognito was formed after three years with the youth company and their debut show, an adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's Government Inspector enjoyed success at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Incognito went on to enjoy two back-to-back sell out runs at Edinburgh with their shows "Dorian Gray" and "All Quiet On The Western Front" as well as a transfer to the Soho Playhouse New York, whilst being supported by the Pleasance throughout. In 2017 Incognito returned to Edinburgh to reprise "All Quiet On The Western Front" as an independent company, enjoying a critically aclaimed 2 week run at the KingDome, Pleasance. 


Incognito strive to create breath taking and fast paced performances that re-tell traditional stories in their own unique style. The team will return to the pleasance’s new space, the downstairs with "Tobacco Road" following their hugely successful, sell out Edinburgh run. the play tells the story of the gangs of London in the 1920's, a show that is as exciting as it is stylish. 


With thanks to The Pleasance, Greenwich Theatre, Soho Playhouse NYC, Dulwich College, Kathryn Norton-Smith, JAGS, Base Contracts.



Photographer: Marko Marsenic

All Quiet On The Western Front at the Edinburgh Festival 2016